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Rajby Textile Pvt. Ltd.
Rajby Textile Pvt. Ltd.
Member Since, Oct 03, 2020
Karachi, Pakistan

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A strong heritage of values, morality, ethics and conduct – Rajby takes pride in its legacy that is based on 40 years of commitment, quality, and customer trust. A strong legacy that has been carried forward from one generation to another has become a source of inspiration for other aspiring businesses. Today, we have become an epitome of achievements and success standing tall amidst competition.

Rajby was founded in 1972 by (Late) Sultan Ahmed. He conquered the garment fraternity as a manufacturer of traditional Pakistani clothing. However, over the passage of time, he soon realized that the fashion trends and lifestyle patterns are changing globally. Therefore, the company switched gears and made its debut in the denim industry.

It has grown from a unit with merely few stitching machines to now producting 3.2 million meters of denim fabric and 1.5 million garments each month reflecting upon our commitment to the industry. This has been possible with the grace of Almighty, state-of-the-art machinery and employee strength of 14,000. We have deployed the finest laundries for denim wet processive to get an edge over our counterparts. In actuality, we have streamlined all processed from start to completion in order to ensure high quality and utmost productivity. Today, Rajby is known for its vertically integrated set-up that caters to all processes from manufacturing, fabric, to the final garment. We have a focus on procuring the finest quality cotton, making use of high-end sophisticated technology and deploying dedicated resources that are skilled with adequate expertise to meet local and international standards. Presently, Rajby takes pride in being considered one of the premium and leading players in the Denim Textile and Apparel industry of Pakistan. With a strong global presence and partnerships with top garment behemoths globally, we have succeeded in living up to our legacy.

With our commitment, focus and dedication – we are all set to conquer and excel in our future endeavor embracing newer horizons of success.

At Rajby, we have been working hard to deliver excellence where innovation is given utmost precedence. We simply love denim and want our end consumers to share the same passion and warmth. Our commitment to the society has played a fair role in shaping our values, thereby with CSR initiatives and a sustainability driven approach; we wish to challenge contemporary notion and restructure the denim industry.

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